Let Your Kindness Flow

“Be kinder to yourself” was the quote I wanted to share with you in this weeks HelpDay video.  When you are kind to yourself, you are able to let your kindness flow through the world.

Houston, TX flood waters after Hurricane Harvey

The love and kindness you show to yourself allows you to notice the beauty of the world around you.

When I am able to take step back and reflect on how beautiful the world is around me I am immensely grateful.  It is hard for me not to share when I see people who are in need, like those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Would you like to join me in spreading love and help those who are in need?

When I see how much destruction Hurricane Harvey has made on people’s and animal’s lives, it was a no brainer for me to offer my help in a monetary donation.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to be in the path of Hurricane Harvey and have to put my precious baby girl Maddie in a shelter.  I would be completely distraught and freaking out.

Love Conquers All

Cat trying to find dry land during flooding.

It’s impossible for me not to feel the pain and suffering the people of Texas feel having their whole physical lives destroyed, some losing entire families, and having to take beloved pets to be cared for at temporary make-shift shelters because there’s no where else for them to go.

At dinner last night, I told my friend I was going to reach out and ask you to help, too.

Are you willing to share your kindness?

How cool would it be if you were one of 100, or more people in this love community who chose to donate as little as $10, that could be $1000 of extra donations stemming from an online community filled with love!!

Sink hole opens up because of Hurricane Harvey.

By no means do you have to, you get to choose what’s right for you.

And should you choose to spread your love and light to help, here are a few that could use your help right away:

The Hurricane Harvey relief fund: http://ghcf.org/hurricane-relief/

Animal Rescue help – http://www.houstonhumane.org/

The Salvation Army – https://give.salvationarmyusa.org/

The SPCA of Texas – https://spca.org/give (they are equip with supplies, now they just need room for animals seeking shelter, and monetary donations to pay to get the animals to safety)

Gratitude is a perspective changer!

Every little bit helps!

Please take a moment to acknowledge how very blessed you are today.  And in doing so, I invite you to say a prayer of gratitude for it all; your home, your family, the food on your plate, your health, your breath, your job, your relationship status; give thanks for being alive to have these experiences, blessing you, leading you to where you need to go next.

If you feel inspired to share the goodness you are blessed with, please consider donating what you can to those in need.

Remember that the kinder you are to yourself the more your feminine strength shines.

Love is abundant. There is always more than enough. Money is love. There is always enough. You are love. You are abundant. 

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