The Good Thing(s) About Trump Being President

Yeah, I said it. And I’ll explain what I mean…

It’s kind of like dating – you go out with a guy, he’s not a match and you find yourself down the rabbit hole of thoughts on how all men suck, there’s no one interesting out there, and questioning when you’re going to meet someone worth your time.

That’s how I was feeling every time I watched the brief 30 minutes of news I watch on a semi-regular basis.

WTF is going on?!

I would say multiple times during one broadcast.

I noticed I was watching the news from a place of what is wrong with everyone, feeling BAD every time, rather than seeing what’s good about what’s happening.

Again – like dating- when you focus on what’s bad, everything pretty much sucks and you want to give up.

So when I see allllll the “bad stuff” – mass shootings, sexual harassment accusations, acts of hate and racism, it was becoming easy to see more bad than good.

I had to change my focus, for the betterment of ME, AND for the betterment of humanity!!

And that’s how I came to the conclusion that Mr. President Trump as our president is a good thing –

I believe if he weren’t elected, we would still be living in denial that we have a problem with racism.

I believe because he was elected, dark shadows are coming to the surface to be changed and transformed!

We are shining a light on sexual harassment.

Women are speaking UP!

Because he was elected, we are seeing the deep roots of hate and segregation in our nation; we see what we’re really working with.

So while it can seem to really suck on one front, illuminating the shadows that need our loving attention, and healing energy is how I’ve chosen to see how him being in office is a good thing.

Maybe it’s a stretch.

But I’ve made a choice to see it differently, to see it with more love.

For my sake, and for the sake of all humanity.

What do you think?  Leave a comment in the box below.

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  1. Lisa, you are right..It is as if, we have opened Pandora’s Box and all the hidden darkness is coming to light now..This is an opportunity for all of us to search ourselves and become a better people..Thanks for sharing

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  2. Lena,

    Good for you. I agree. And thank you for having the courage to say it!

    Trump is a disrupter! Periodically, someone comes into history to shake things up,
    to disrupt the status quo so we are awakened…and shakened…to rearrange our priorities.
    The disrupter shows us by example what is wrong with our society, the basest and darkest
    parts that we have been too ashamed or complacent to look at. We do not like this person, but he or she is a “necessary evil,” an unlikely…and certainly unexpected…agent of change.

    In this era, it is Donald Trump. So, welcome Donald, the disrupter. If you have done nothing else, you have awakened us to our darkness and shaken us into, at the very least, a dialog and a catalyst to change to make the world a better place.

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  3. I voted for Trump & I’m not ashamed!!! I didn’t vote for Obama either time but it wasn’t me place to bash our president. I’m so sick of people bringing politics into everything, especially where there is no reason. I liked you up until this moment. I’m done goodbye!!!

  4. I agree with all of you – and HOORAH for having the courage – and the LOVE – to see as well as say your truth. I’ve often thought that if for no other reason, Trump was elected to make us all THINK. We are now forced to, which is often a necessary evil at critical junctures in our human evolution. I might not be his biggest fan, but I am surely grateful to not be the only one who believes we will not only survive this 4 years, but also be in a stronger position to create a better world for it…

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