Everything is growing up yoga….

Or maybe I’m just growing up?!

I  spent the week in Coronado, CA for work. Don’t get too jealous, every day we spent 10 hours inside, and not just inside, but inside very cold rooms with people talking at us all day. It’s so not as much fun as if you would let me outside to play!! I know corporations think it’s a stellar idea to ship all their sales people to some wonderful place, but what I don’t understand is why?! Especially when all my hopes and dreams were shattered when on the last night there was NOT a giant catamaran waiting for us to have dinner on the water. (I did find out today from the meeting coordinator that there wasn’t enough money in the budget, so that appeased me a bit. Apparently, it was also not in the budget to stay at Hotel Del Coronado. My suggestion?? Maybe you shouldn’t have spent (wasted) millions of dollars on a ponzi sales model scheme! But, no one asked me;)

Other than the obvious working around and networking within my new work environment, I was feeling all sorts of emotions this week. Some of which triggered me to think back to when I might have reacted differently. For instance, I was surrounded by people (we are a small division of 150 sales peeps) who are really successful at this company; within my own region, there are 3 people who are in the “double bonus” category, that means they make some big $$$$ identifying the right patients to go on our therapy. I found myself feeling really happy for them and sharing in their joy. I also feel like I am behind (um, I’ve only been in the territory for 30-days, but come on!!;)) Seriously though, I’m so happy and proud of them and the awareness of those feelings took me back to a time, an age perhaps, when I might have been more likely to feel spite or jealously towards them. It’s so much more fun to feel happy for them. 🙂 Getting older and wiser isn’t so bad;)

I also got news that a friend who has been wanting something so bad for herself and has been taking action to get it,  was pleasantly surprised by the universe gifting it to her when she least expected it! How cool is that?! Again, a beautiful reminder that all things happen for us, all is provided and all turns out just as it should. I am beyond happy for her! <3

In a way that occasion took me back to a little part of me that felt disappointed in the passing of my most recent relationship, this happy event for her momentarily brought me a brief moment of sadness (maybe a little panic, too), I wondered “will this ever happen for me?!?!??” Ahhh, little grasshopper, of course it will. In the meantime, I enjoy the gifts of my present life and celebrate the gifts of others. Again, I remember a time when I might have been resentful of another person’s gifts and again, I can’t imagine feeling that way now. How awesome is that? I love growing up. Growing up yoga?;)

So, as my people-packed week of running around to the beat of someone else’s schedule came to an end, I rejoiced with a wonderful walk along the beach on the Bay of Coronado, practiced some yoga and started to write this little diddy. Oh! And finished my book on the plane! (I’ve been loving me some good books lately:)

I suppose I did learn a few things and I’m looking forward to putting them to good use in the field on Monday…..I also learned a few more things about myself outside of work and that’s always a big plus. Who says growing up has to be boring?!

I’m excited to get back the my routine and my bubba-roo. I’m going to miss that awesome CA air and sunshine! But I’m not gonna miss being stuck inside a frigid hotel room with lots of people taking at me from a microphone.

Cheers to the weekend and LOTS of time to unwind, yoga, and celebrate all the gifts life has to offer:)

peace and love.


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