Unsolicited Closure

This past weekend when I came home from a couple house warming parties, before going to bed on Saturday night, I opened up my journal to write about my day.  I really began to see how the events in my life the past couple weeks have shown me how much I’ve grown.
In fact, as I was writing, I felt this momentum, a feeling of major elation and celebration and I couldn’t stay in bed writing anymore —

I got up and danced! 

A celebration dance party of 1, with the only one who matters 🙂

Here’s what’s making me celebrate: 

Last week I went to yoga.  I ended up being the only person in class, and the teacher was none other than the woman I had not forgiven in two years.  This was the same woman I saw pictured with the “ghoster” man I dated last summer.  Thank Goddess I had healed my own shit before I went back to her classes because as we were practicing, she proposed we have a “healing conversation” about “us.”

I was caught off guard, but under that, in my heart, I was relieved.
Because a long time ago, when my pain was fresh, I wanted to talk to her, I wanted to tell her how I felt, but I was afraid.
I also had no idea how to communicate from my power, my adult empowered Goddess Power – there are reasons the Universe grants us with what we need, when we need it, rather than always granting us with what we want, when we want it. 

The Universe gave me time. 

Time to have experiences that would heal my deepest and oldest wounds.  Time to understand, so I could own my power and especially time to GROW! I was gifted with time to LET GO of wanting things to look like I wanted them to, and to let go of the need to prove myself or my worth to another.
Because of ALL that, and more, I was able to receive this beautiful gift, this open, honest invitation to go deeper.
It’s taken some time for me to even admit how beautiful it is to see my growth, and know I get to celebrate how far I’ve come.  Seeing how easy it was for me to be present, calm, centered and communicate clearly my side of the street is HUGE for me.

There is no worry.

So when the Universe gave me another opportunity to resolve, I took it! 

This time it was my turn to extend the invitation of healing to someone else.
It was perfect, she accepted, I acknowledged, and now we are opening a new door. 
As Gabby Bernstein says, “The Universe Has Your Back,” and it really does.
I believe every one of us is in the best place to receive exactly what we need when we need it, and these women, and these conversations are evidence of that belief.

I am so grateful! 

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