You may remember when I first told you about working with a color coach/stylist (you can read more about that here), what I’m sharing with you today goes deeper into what that work has done for me.

This story begins my transformation.

About a month ago, I had the opportunity to receive guidance on how to piece together existing clothes, and new pieces of my wardrobe into amazing outfits that would help me go deeper into my self-expression.

It was a Friday afternoon, and I had been having a pretty emotional week, I wasn’t really feeling amazing, and certainly wasn’t looking that way either. 

I still had my workout clothes on, I wasn’t interested in taking a shower, and my hair was pulled back from my face, which was bare naked = no make-up.
When we started our Zoom session, it was clear I was not in a good energetic space, Anahita (my color coach/stylist and mentor) could see, and feel that and invited me to have….

A tantrum…

Full out, fists punching, legs kicking, voice yelling, tantrum.  At first this was NOT easy.
I mean talk about vulnerable!
Talk about being SEEN! 
Here I am feeling shit about myself, lying on the floor while my beautiful mentor, and friend, guides me to let all that GO!

It’s kinda scary to let someone see your perceived “ugly”.

Yet I knew I had to allow her to help me so I could connect to this experience I CHOSE for ME!
Thank GODDESS for being a wise woman who attracts wise women into her life 🙂 
Energy cleared, and the work of outfit assembling can begin!

Have you ever really seen your beauty?

Do you even know how to?
I mean no disrespect or judgment here.   I ask because I always thought I knew what this meant for me; what it meant to feel beautiful.
As I put on outfit after outfit, I started to feel what it really means to feel beautiful. I started to see, for the very first time just how beautiful I was.
A few times I caught myself off guard, I was like, “Is that really me?!”

There I was, dirty hair, bare faced, and SHINING. 

So last week when I was deciding what to wear, instead of reaching for the familiar, and easy, I channeled my inner Ananita 🙂 and I put on this juicy, fitted, olive tank dress, layered with a cream sleeveless sweater vest, an amazing necklace that made me feel like Cleopatra, my copper cuff bracelet…


I literally have never felt like such a Goddess in my life (so far!)!!
It felt SO good, I had to share the goodness.  I’ve learned that when good happens, you share it!  That way you can digest it and receive more!!
I jumped into my Facebook group, and shared a video…
I would love to know what makes you feel like a Goddess, post your comments below and tell me!
Wanna see the whole video?  Click here to join The Love Circle.

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