#TiredAF, New Moon, New Love

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been #tiredaf the last three days, seriously, I cannot get enough sleep!
Is it the dark new super-moon? Or is it the stress of loading up my schedule prior to leaving for #myhappyplace (Colorado 😊) for a long yoga weekend?
Regardless, I’m feeling energy and emotions swirling; thoughts about new love, and relationships, visions of my future, what I want, and how will I get there —- all dance like sugar plums in my head.
I am embracing the new moon energy like a tender new lover; inquiring, listening, taking it all in; savoring, slowing down, resting in the stillness.
It’s new and slightly scary terrain for me, to get this intimate with myself and another, but I know it’s necessary “work” to be open to receive all that is yet to come.
Gemini’s New Moon energy is here to help in whatever way we need, assisting in letting go of what doesn’t work, what’s holding us back, what we feel stuck in; patterns, habits, thoughts- negativity and judgment be gone!
(She waves her wand 🧚🏽‍♀️!)
So Grab your journal and start writing.
When you’re willing to embrace what scares you, you release its hold on you. Hence me and intimacy. It’s what I want most, and yet it terrifies me at the same time.
So I’m diving into the deep end; not head first, 🧡heart 🧡first. 🤞🙏
Stay tuned…..
Comment below and tell me – What scares you? What are you holding onto that just doesn’t work anymore?

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