There’s Not Enough Time!

Here’s a little “Lena nugget,” I love celebrating my birthday. I start thinking about what I want to do, and who I want to spend it with at least a couple weeks in advance. I start a countdown at the first of the month, and I make sure I celebrate for at least a week 🙂
But a few years ago I found myself dreading my upcoming birthday, when fall arrived, I would fast forward 6 months and see myself one year older and still single.
I felt needy, desperate, and sad.
If you’ve ever felt like you are literally running out of time, I completely understand.
I spent months feeling like I was running out of time.  Comparing myself to other women who were dating, and finding love.

All the while thinking I was being open to love, but in truth, I was paralyzing myself with my thoughts about time! 

I discovered my fear wasn’t really about time, deep down, I didn’t feel worthy of love.
Freaking out about running out of time was my mind’s way of distracting me from the sadness my inner little girl felt about not being good enough.

Another layer revealed.

Another layer to love.

That awareness changed everything for me – not overnight- but being willing to confront my fears with compassion and love DID change my love life, AND my perception about time.
My belief is unshakable.
I know my worth and value.
I have absolute faith my man is here.
And I no longer worry I’m running out of time.

I’ve learned to be at peace with me, and love my life as it is now.

That’s what makes me shine.
That’s the energy of the feminine.
That’s what makes me feel good.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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