Tantrum Anyone?

I recently started having daily tantrums.

5 minutes every day.

And for the record, that’s a long time.

Here’s how this all got started.

A couple weeks ago I went to a Qoya workshop, if you don’t know Qoya, you can google it, but from my perspective it’s yoga + dance + a moon circle, all with the intention to release what no longer serves you.

At the time, I was also working with the inner child archetype as part of my personal development work with one of my mentors, so

I thought the dancing would be perfect for me and my inner little girl.

BUT I had NO idea the intensity of the Qoya, and if you’ve ever done release work you know that this shit can still come up days after the ritual of releasing.


And I was also on my moon cycle, so I was literally releasing everywhere!

Anyway, 3 days later I’m noticing how I feel agitated, annoyed, and as a yogi my first instinct is to move through it.

But on this one particular day the energy was feeling so strong, that no twist, arm balance or inversion could help!

I felt like I was going to explode, but I was trying to hold it all in!

This happened to be the same day I had my call with my mentor, and I’m not gonna lie, I kinda wanted her to cancel, because I KNEW when I told her how I was feeling, she would invite me to have a tantrum.

I knew I needed it, and on some level WANTED to have it, but at the same time I was avoiding it!!! (can you feel me, sister?!)

And because my instincts are always spot on, and I’m saucy smart :), a giant tantrum was had.




I threw pillows against the couch, I yelled, screamed, flung my fists, pounded the earth, and let it all go.

(I freaked the dog out, but hey, it was worth it:)

And so the assignment was given: have a tantrum every day for 5 minutes, followed by dancing to one of my favorite songs.

I’m 3 days in and I’ve had 4 tantrums, I had an extra one on Friday because I was feeling really bad.

They are exhausting, no wonder kids sleep so well after they have them!!

I’m loving the tantrum practice, and what’s interesting is, I’ve coached my clients to have them, and witnessed their feelings transmute….wonder why I thought I could avoid them?

I’m a real believer in moving your feelings through and out of your body.

As you can see from my story, shit got stuck, and the only way for me to move through it was to really release and let it all go without filtering myself.

It’s beautiful.

I get to scream F*%k off SO LOUD, it’s an amazing feeling to FEEL your feelings, especially anger, ESPECIALLY as a woman.

So many times we’re told to “act like a lady” or “let it roll off your back” but when you stuff it all down, that ain’t good for you.

It’s not good for your body, your health, your SELF, or your relationships.

You have to allow yourself to FEEL your feelings so you can communicate from a loving place and NOT your anger.

If you don’t feel your feelings, you just feel uptight and inwardly pissed off.

SO I cordially invite you to partake in a temper tantrum.

Hey, you can even join in on one with a toddler if one’s handy!

Set a timer and feel that stuff OUT OF YOU!!

Then give yourself a treat of a dance to your favorite song, or a nap, because releasing all that pent up stuff, may make you tired.

I assure you, you’re gonna feel a lot lighter when you start letting go of all you’re holding on to.

Let it go.

It’s not serving you anymore, anyway.

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