…Selfish Pause

I was really hungry.

I came home from work, still feeling like I was on the go, cooked myself up a comfort sandwich and reheated frittata made earlier in week. 

Just before I unconsciously shoved the food in my face, I paused, said a mini blessing and acknowledged where my food came from, and how fortunate I am to have access to good, quality food on the regular.

 It made my eyes swell a bit.

Just having that little moment was enough to connect me into the present moment, to bring me from the outside world, inward.

 It gave me permission to slow down.

Are you like me?

 A busy woman with a full life, managing a job, a household, friendships, dating, and in all of it you find yourself wondering when someone is going to give you permission to press the pause button?

I learned I had to give myself permission to slow down. 

 I had to learn that it was ok to give myself an entire day to do nothing!! I take Sundays as my literal “day of rest”. It’s the only day of the week I have no commitments to anyone.

 Some Sundays, like last week, I don’t even get out of my pajamas! Last week I walked my dog Maddie in my PJ’s!! And I didn’t brush my teeth until 4pm!! (GAH!!)

It used to feel weird, to let myself have that day.

I remember I would make up reasons why I wasn’t available, I didn’t want to admit that I needed that day for ME!

Imagine that!! Feeling guilty about loving yourself!??! 



I OWN IT! It’s MY day, and I’ll do, or NOT do what I want!!

My body, my mind, my spirit, and my soul NEED time to pause.

It’s how I recharge myself, it’s a gift I give myself so I can keep giving to those around me. My relationships thrive because I take care of me.

Just imagine if you took one hour out of one day, what that would do for your soul? 


 What would you DO (rather, NOT do) to reconnect to YOU?

Society would have you believe that taking time for you is selfish.

And you know what, it IS selfish.

If Selfish means taking a moment to pause and love yourself, then go ahead and take that on.

Taking pause helps you connect to what’s happening in your world, to the people around you, to the food on your plate, to the heart of your own self.

And that’s the greatest gift anyone could receive.

Go on!

Be Selfish this weekend!


Tell me how you were selfish this weekend, I wanna know!!

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  1. I am on long term didability because I’ve been sick for a long time. My husband left me for another younger woman in January.

    I keep my goals incredibly low for activity. I put one foot in front of the other and rest rest rest
    Sometimes I have a bath 3 times in one day. I live alone in a big house in the country and I mediate throughout the day watching the seasons change. I see my grandbabies when I can and they fill my cup. I’ve started dating in a slow way.

    I know what its like to be a busy professional. I raised 4 boys and was a full time teacher/ principal.

    Now full swing opposite.

    Next – middle ground. But in the meantime I’m going to continue being my own best friend

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