My Secrets to Staying (100%) Healthy

With the weekend right around the corner, do you have time carved out to take care of YOU?

Last week I was talking to my friend Jenn, a smart, successful woman who shows up 1000% both at work and in her relationship. She was sick – again – and she told me she wanted to make her health a priority, how she wants to believe she can be healthy all of the time, despite what other people were telling her.

(it’s kinda like love, right?! People can project their beliefs onto you and then you feel like you can’t have what you really want!)

I told her, “You absolutely can be healthy 100% of the time, I am!”

“How do you do it?” She asked.

Well, here are a couple of my secret self care strategies: 


Ever since I was in school, I put high value on rest because I knew I couldn’t be 100% without a full nights sleep, and that’s how I operate to this day. I know I operate best on 8-9 hours of sleep, so I make it happen. When I sleep well, I eat well, when I eat well, I feel good; and remember, the whole point in life is to FEEL GOOD! So good sleep leads to lots more good to feel!


I wake up and within 10 minutes, I’m on my yoga mat. My morning practice is just 10 minutes, but it gets the blood flowing to my body, my energy centered, and my intention for the day set. This morning practice sets the tone for my day and after work, or sometimes midday, I take myself to a yoga class and/or walk my dog. The point is, I move my body EVERY DAY.


Because it FEELS good AND it keeps me young.

OH! and BONUS – Men LOVE a woman who takes care of herself.

Just two weeks ago an old colleague of mine told me “there’s nothing sexier than a 40 year old woman who takes care of herself”

That made me feel like a million bucks! (not that I didn’t already, but let’s be real, sometimes having that external validation adds an extra pep to your step!)

SO, when was the last time YOU felt good about YOU?!

What about the last time you felt SEXY in YOUR body?

What few small changes could you implement now that would result in your feeling good?

If I may offer just one you can do with so much ease….


Decide you want to make a change to feel better. When you declare, you immediately get feedback from the universe to aid in your declaration.

You may receive a gift in the form of an appointment or meeting being cancelled, what will you do with that hour now that you have it?

Maybe a friend invites you to a morning walk, so you have a reason to go to bed earlier to rise early to meet her.

Pay attention to what the universe gives you, because she Always provides, it’s your job to recognize it 🙂 remembering what you declared.

3. FOOD!!

Growing up I was a chubby kid, I never met a carb I didn’t like, and bread seemed to be my best friend! (not literally, but I did, and still do, love me some homemade bread!!)

It didn’t really dawn on me I might be a little chunkier than the other kids until one day, celebrating my 12th birthday, my aunt said to me, “do you really think you need that extra piece of chicken?”

Just typing that takes me back to feeling mortified, embarrassed, and ashamed; my relationship with food, and the way I saw myself instantly changed.
A lot has happened between then and now, including shedding weight naturally in High School, College Fast Food binges (there were many a double cheeseburger from BK eaten in my day!!); even though, for the most part, I held to a regimented diet.
It’s funny reflecting on those fast food meals, because today, I am vegan, and have been for over 10 years. It happened over a course of time, and I can honestly say my body LOVES being vegan.

When you listen to your body it tells you what’s right and wrong for you, while I don’t advocate veganism for you, I do recommend paying attention to what you’re eating, and when!

Here’s what I know for sure about my relationship with food:
  1. I love food, I need food, and I know I need regular meals
  2. If I wait too long to eat, I get straight up #hangry and experience other not pleasant side effects, like headache, low brain power (duh! I’m hungry and my body runs on food for fuel!), and crankiness!
  3. I pack snacks; I always have a raw fruit and a lara bar with me, AND a liter of water to stay hydrated
  4. I love to cook, I get to exercise my creativity in the kitchen and make some real good food!
  5. I love avocados, I eat one every single day. No lie. I am the Queen of avocado toast.
  6. I indulge! I love food remember?! So It’s important I don’t deprive myself of what I want
What about you?
What’s your relationship like with food?

I always like to remind myself that food is meant to be enjoyed, not to feel bad about, so if you’re feeling bad more than you’re feeling good (do you sense the theme here;0?) it’s a cue from you to make some changes.

Leave a comment below and tell me how you feel about you, and how you feel about you + food.

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