Movie Review: Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool

Have you ever watched something that moved you SO much you couldn’t wait to share it with someone so they could feel it too?!


I went to see Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool last weekend and it. was. AMAZING!!
One of my Pilates students told me about it back in November, she is a major movie buff and sponsors one film every year at our local film festival, SLIFF (Saint Louis International Film Festival), and this was her film.

I was blown away! 

I had no idea what to expect, I didn’t do any research, and hadn’t seen a preview; so I walked in cold.

It’s a beautiful love story, a TRUE story of an older woman, actress Gloria Grahame, and her lover, Peter Turner.

(Come to think of it, she may have told me the premise, but I forgot!!)

I suggest you RUN to the next local showing because you will laugh, cry, feel inspired, and walk away with a whole new appreciation for what love can look like, and for what love IS.

So much about what I have learned about men is represented in this thoughtful picture, one trait being:

Men just want to take care of us. 

It’s true.
So go watch this movie and let it fuel your desire to be loved, adored, and made to feel beautiful no matter your age.
You are never too old to be in love.

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