Just a Quick Little Note

Just wanted to pop in with a little note and catch you up on what’s been happening in my world~ 🙂

I started a new job this week!!

Back in July I was approached by a company about a position in their new respiratory biologics division, I wasn’t really looking, but I also wasn’t really jazzed about where I was, so I said – Why not interview!?

One phone screen, 3 face to face interviews – including one LONG day trip to and from LA- later, I got the verbal offer.

I was SO happy all my hard work paid off.

But there was a moment in which I almost DIDN’T go on the final interview, I found myself wanting to know if was going to get the offer; a part of me really wanted assurance that my hard work, long days, and added stress was going to pay off.

I was looking to see if they were all in, before I went all in.
A part of me was looking for an OUT!

“I’m not gonna go all the way to LA and back in one day if I’m not getting this job!”

But then I flipped it.

I noticed that I was acting out of fear.

It’s exactly the way I used to approach love and dating.

I wanted to know they wanted me before I let them in.

It was conditional.
There was a part of me not willing to go all-in if they weren’t.

When you approach anything from a place of needing them to give first, you’re holding myself back from really experiencing something amazing.

If I had let my need for my desired outcome rule whether or not I got on that plane for the interview, I wouldn’t be sitting here feeling really happy about the change I made.

If I was still letting my inner little girl rule my dating life, I’d still be attracting men who aren’t available and wanting them to choose me, instead of attracting in relationship ready men who I get to decide if they are worthy of being my Man.

It’s true what you think, you create.

What are you creating?

Take a look at my IG post, it’ll help you with simple steps to begin to changing what you’re creating 🙂

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