Clearing the Muck

Oh my god, I’m feeling like a hot mess!

It has been quite a whirlwind of a couple weeks.

This Thanksgiving my parents told me my siblings were going to their in-laws.  This gave me a free pass to stay home and take care of myself.  If you’ve been with me for a while you know I’ve been working with a colorist/stylist on my clothing.  She told me about a month ago, that since I have my clothing under wraps, it was now time bring this warmth into my home.

My first thought was, “Oh my god!  Now I have something else to do.”  It really felt overwhelming.

Then I sat down and journaled.  And what I realized was that I really didn’t have that much to do.  It was easy for me to see how I could transform my room with little money and a few resources.


I spent the entire weekend painting my two rooms and pampering myself.  It was an amazing adventure.  A sweet little treat for myself.

I spent the entire weekend painting my two rooms and pampering myself.  It was an amazing adventure.  A sweet little treat for myself.

Then this week started…

This last week has felt insane!

Work has upped the ante and stress.  And I’m noticing how it is affecting me.

I’ve noticed that I’m super cranky.  Recently, I haven’t been as gracious or compassionate as I normally am with strangers or people I know.

Then when I got off a call I realized I was ANGRY!  And I needed to clear some serious shit.

While I was on my way to my next account — I literally screamed out loud.

Because I knew there was just this stuff inside of me.  This yuck and muck that was making me feel so bad.

I screamed out loud, then for 5-minutes I verbalized all the negative stuff that was getting me down.  It felt like a ton of yuck was just piling up.

This is a practice I learned from Mama Gina.  She is the author of The School of Womanly Arts, Spring Cleaning.  And I felt so much better after that scream and rant!

Yet there was still an undercurrent of pressure.  But even with all of that external pressure and stress from other people’s perception of reality, I felt OKAY.

My core told me…

I felt it down deep.  I felt it in my bones, this knowing that everything IS okay.  That everything WAS going to be okay.  And that everything IS working out.

It is a very interesting place to be.  Why?  Because this is what I’ve been working towards for so long. There is a part of me, the old part of me, that wants to come forward and focus on the negative.  “Wait a minute you should be freaking out right now, you should be panicking.”

But, what I know to be true is that panicking and freaking out doesn’t manifest desire.  It is doesn’t make things happen.  It makes things worse!  It is fear coming to the surface AND it paralyzes you.

My “spring cleaning” shift

When I was spring cleaning alone in my car, what I heard was these personal blocks.  These were the habits that I’ve been in for years, that are finally coming to the surface.

None of this should be a surprise to me, considering the full moon in Gemini and Saturn conjunct with Mercury.  This time is inviting us to really take a look at where we are and what is blocking us from stepping into our desire.  What do we really want to create?

But to hear it out loud (all of my perceived blockages) puts a whole other consciousness around what I get to transform.

Its crazy times right now.  Whether you are in a relationship, dealing with things at work, focusing on stuff in your home, or just life in general because of the holidays.  It can feel really real!

My 4 steps

In the spirit of the holidays, my invitation to you is the practice that I use to stay centered and grounded.  It is a combination of: yoga tools, journaling, mindset shifting, and connecting with my vision.  At the end of the day, these resources have been with me this whole time.  I often forget these tools are there when I’m in the muck of the stress.  When I’m really in IT!

  1. Mindset: Start your day off right.  When I woke up in the morning and the first thing I said was “F*%#”!  I rolled back over and hit snooze to reformulate my thoughts.  I don’t want to start my day negatively.  So pay attention to how you start your day.  How do you feel?  What are the words in your mind?  Because if you are saying “F*%$” or “Shit this is going to be a crappy day!” then I invite you to stay in bed.  Hit snooze and reformulate your thoughts.

I keep The Subconscious Mind next to my bed, which helps me re-frame my thoughts when I wake up in a bad mood.  Often, I will journal about my dream then read 2 pages from The Subconscious Mind.  It helps me get started on my day on the right foot and it makes me feel better.

  1. Get in your body: I practice yoga and meditate every single day.  Somedays its Kundalini Yoga which has been transformative.  It has helped me in clearing that extra stuff out of my system and creating new pathways in my mind, body, and feeling state.  Sometimes its traditional Hatha Yoga.

 Feel what’s going on and move it through.  And then sit.  Sit for 5 to 10 minutes and take this practice in.  Let your mind be quiet and Find. Your. Stillness.

  1. Journal: I’ve taken on a journal challenge that my coach has implemented in her group.  I’m doing it every day for myself.  Basically its connecting me to my desire and looking at what is limiting me.  What do I still believe is in my way of that desire?

After that I write my I AM statements.  If you know me or have talked to me you know how powerful I Am statements really are.  “I AM…”

  1. Live your vision: What does that mean?  What does that look like? For me, I realized that when I was in the moment yesterday in the muck, feeling cranky, I wasn’t connected to my FEELING.  I didn’t feel good so I couldn’t be connected to what I wanted.  That is a primary sign of being out of alignment to receive what you desire, according to Abraham Hicks.  In that moment I had a choice, I could stay feeling crappy or shift it connecting to my desire.  Once I connected to my vision, and I connected it to what it feels like to be winning; to have success; to be celebrated; to be appreciated and recognized — that is what got me through the rest of the day.

All of these things are what help me on a daily basis.  They help me get through the tough times just like you.  Times of stress.  Times of disappointment.  Times of wanting to be pissed off.

Take away…

The importance of recognizing when you are in the muck and working through it.  Making peace with the muck and rising above it.

May peace and love be with you always, and until next time have a beautiful Friday!

What do you think about these practices?  Have you tried them?  Tell me what works for you to get out of the muck.  And if you are still stuck, I want to know.  Feel free to share in the comments below, I would love to hear from you!


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  1. Super advice Lena. When I get up in the morning and feel out oof sorts I get up and look out of my window. I love nature and when I see the trees and the different plants out side it just seems to perk me up. A added bonus is if the sun is shining I get this sort of happy feeling inside. It just seems to start my day in a good mood. For exercise I do house work you know cleaning floors ,washing windows etc. While listening to music. What also helps on overcast days when the house work is down and I can feel that down wzrd feeling of depression coming on I have a shower dress up put make up on and go to one of the shopping malls even if to just walk around and window shop. I find I am able to be happy again and find the world not such a bad place after all.

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