Ask and it is given?

Are you ever afraid to ask for something you want?
I used to build up so much tension around asking for what I wanted.  I created this BIG story on what would happen; how they would say no, how angry/mad/disappointed I’d be.  Then I’d walk away with my tail between my legs.
What I’ve learned is, you get to create what you want.
Yep. It may sound a bit hokey, but you really do.

Here’s a quick story for you- 

I’ve been working with a colorist, stylist, and all around amazing woman to help me express my unique spirit and energy through my wardrobe.  A couple weeks ago, she sent me an email with a make-up palette that “would be perfect” for me.

Because she’s an expert where I am not, and I trust her, I bought it.

I wear make-up, and know how to use the 3-5 colors I use daily.  Late last week when this palette arrived, I realized I wasn’t exactly sure how to use all the colors.  It felt like a LOT of colors!! I could feel myself wanting to hide away and just stick with what I knew.
Fortunately I have a couple of friends who are make-up artists, but one has a toddler and works full time, the other works freelance and her schedule is crazy. I knew if I really wanted to learn how to use the palette, to step into my power of connection, I couldn’t wait.
So, I decided I would go to the MAC store. I would ask the artist if she would help me use this palette, knowing full well she could turn me away (It’s not MAC brand), I felt good about it, no matter what happened.
Even though it was an Urban Decay palette, and she was “not supposed to” she was super generous and happy to help me.

What happened was truly a gift. 

She helped me see how beautiful I am in my new colors, and she thanked ME for teaching her something new!
I want to say I was shocked, but the truth is, I had an inkling it would all work out.
It’s taken some practice, but I’ve found that place within where I can allow and receive.

I’ve learned how to ask without needing the other person’s answer determine how I feel or react.

And I’ve learned, life is so much sweeter when you ask and trust it’s always being given.

When you find that space of receiving and allowing, things just work out. 

Do you believe that life really is working out for you?
What’s ONE thing you would ask for today, that would launch you into creating your own reality?
Post in the comments below, I want to know what you want to create!

 All Love,


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  1. The ONE i thing i would ask for today is the opportunity to look into a very special mans eyes and show him how i honestly feel instead of trying to express it in unclear ways

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