All The Feels

I don’t know about you, but the last week or two have been quite emotional roller coaster for me.

And I’ve questioned many times, “What I want to be doing with my life? Where do I want to be? What do I want to look like? And really, how the hell do I get there?”

{totally “normal” considering the planetary shifts during this time😊}

Have you ever felt like that?

Wondered what to do next?
How do you get out of your own way to get there?!

One word kept coming over and over to me – SERVE.

How can I serve more?
To whom can I give?Then I paused for a moment and I connected to what it would mean for me to give the gift of my time.  Part of what I do naturally is give Time.  But that time is connected to what I do — I give time to my clients, I give time to potential  clients, I give time to customers.  Giving time is part of what I do, which is why MY time is so precious to me — that’s when the alarm went off!

Giving MY time, my ME time would be a perfect way for me to give this holiday season.

So in addition to donating money to my favorite charities, I decided I would donate my time ringing the bell for Salvation Army on a day off from work as part of my donation for the holidays.

For three hours I stood outside and rang the bell, wishing people Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

One man came to me and said, “I wouldn’t have known you were here had I not heard the bell, you should be getting paid more to do this!”

And gave $5

What I Got To Share…

Another man coming to the store to deliver bread, gave me a fresh loaf and told me I made his day!

He then came back because “my light” made him forget the bread he was leaving with!

A woman told me I was “the cheeriest person” she’s seen that day.

I share all of this to say it feels good to give, I got so much back by giving of myself.

Being ME helped raise money for those in need.

Being ME makes peoples’ day!

And being ME is something I’ve worked on allowing myself to be all my life.

Being me = serving

Being me = love

When I was in second grade, I put on a huge party at the local pizza parlor, a surprise party for my best friend who was moving away.

It gave me so much joy to put it all together; see everyone show up, and made me feel good having managed to keep it a surprise! Seeing my friend surprised and happy, made me so happy; to give her this party as a symbol of my love.

And that part of me still lives inside,

the little one who loves to see others happy, who gets so much by giving.

Thank Goddess for her, for she makes giving feel so good!

How are you going to be YOU today?!

With all the love in my heart,


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