Extra Love for the Goddess In You

Happy Friday the 13th!! This is one of my favorite days, aside from my birthday 😊. I was actually born on a full moon on Friday the 13th!

13 is my lucky and most favorite number, it also happens to be a feminine number, it is also associated with death, rebirth, creation, fertility, and blood. This is because we have 13 moon cycles a year, and most women experience 13 periods per years.

How powerful!

Friday is also associated with Goddesses like Venus, the Goddess of love, and Goddess Freyja, the Nordic earth Goddess of fertility, celebration, and passion!

Friday the 13th is a special day to honor your GODDESS Self, it’s a day to manifest, honor your creativity, and celebrate beauty, inner knowing, and nurture yourself.

Make this day a day to do something extra special that nourishes YOU!

Maybe that’s taking extra time to massage your body with deliciously smelling oil after your shower or bath; give yourself a breast massage (I love using Living Libations Breast Massage Oil), or a yoni massage (I love using Rose Otto pure essential oil, its pretty pricey but it is so luscious and divine it makes me feel oh so good); take nap, make time to write poetry or paint; take yourself on a date, walk in nature and listen to the sounds of the Mother Earth Goddess all around you, take in her beauty in all of your senses (this is one of my favorite daily practices!), make yourself something beautiful and nourishing to eat, something that fills your soul, look in the mirror and affirm your beauty.

Treat yourself like the Goddess you ARE!

You deserve it, and when you indulge in this kind of attention and devotion to yourself, watch and see how it manifests in other ways in your life.

Comment below and tell me how you’re giving yourself the Goddess Touch today ♥️





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