I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed with negative self talk, to be paralyzed with thoughts of “you’re not good enough”, “what’s wrong with me?” “what did I do wrong?” and “why not me?” My mind was on constant overdrive in negative spins, I was making myself crazy, and when it came to dating!? UGH. I spent years dating the wrong men, and used up so much precious energy trying to make them into the right men.

Over the years dating stopped being fun, and became more of a chore; I remember feeling frustrated with dating, wondering when MY guy was going to show up, and I feeling really scared I might never have the love I wanted.

And that’s when it hit me, all the negative stories, judgmental thoughts, and mental spins weren’t getting me what I wanted! I was a prisoner of my own mind, and I had a choice: to shift my mindset and STOP my mental spin cycle, OR continue to suffer.

I chose to break free from my mental anguish. I had to intersect my thoughts with new practices so I could become a woman who owns her value and worth, and who can walk confidently into any room, go on a date with any man, and know I am the prize.
And when I shifted from counterproductive mind spins, into calm, confident, and grounded mind space, I was able to break old patterns, attract in high quality men who are available, and most importantly, BE ON MY OWN SIDE!

Before I signed up with Lena, I was chronically single. I swayed between the feeling of needing a boyfriend to having a bitter I’m-better-off-without-a-man attitude. I had no problem getting guys to flirt with me or ask for my number but I would always end up feeling disappointed. The men who I really wanted to call never called and with the men who made an effort, well, I would always use an excuse not to like them: after all, they were too safe. Too available. Too ‘boring’. In addition to working through these emotional blocks, Lena encouraged me to try an online dating site. Initially I felt desperate ‘going out of my way’ to find dates…but waiting for the right man to simply show up was not working for me. Lena also reminded me that this was ‘dating for growth’, which healed another wound of mine–having high expectations for every attractive single man I encountered (ie. ‘Maybe he’s the one! What will our wedding look like?’)

I am pleased to say that I met someone–online! We have been dating for three months now and he’s really taught me to live in the moment and feel ok with being vulnerable. And I don’t think I’ve ever been happier! Not only do I have an amazing boyfriend, but the self love I feel is stronger than ever. Lena has helped me tremendously and I can’t thank her enough


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