Winter Wishes

Hi Beauty!
The first snow has fallen here in the mid-west. It’s mid-November, and it’s rare to get snow this early, but as a native Iowan, I love it!
There’s a peaceful feeling seeing the fluffy white blanket cover the ground.  A sense that winter has made her way in, and the ground that was full of life and nourishment, is taking her much needed nap to restore, so when spring comes the seeds planted will begin to sprout.
It’s seeing the snow that reminds me another year is coming to a close, which to be honest, not so long ago would make me feel much anxiety and fear. Freaking out about what hasn’t happened yet, a part of me feeling like a bit of a failure for it not being so.

This year, I’m finding peace in the possibility of what is to come.

One thing that has helped me connect to this peace is my morning ritual. Every morning I write. In my writing, I receive guidance, answers, and insight.
Sometimes it’s specific answers for me, in response to the questions I’ve asked. Or like this morning, it can be guidance that feels like a nudge to reach out and connect with another.

I’m being nudged to ask you, what is it you wish you had more of in your life?!

Yes. We all have the power to create what we want on any given day, but are you?!
There’s extra potency when you go into a new year with your dream on your heart, picturing an experience you want to feel, and a life you want to be living to the fullest.
What is that feeling for you? What dream is on your heart that’s ready to come to life?
Many times we THINK we know what we want. We make choices for ourselves that are shaped by what society says is successful, a picture that you’ve made it. A good job with a good salary, a husband, children, a home.

Stability. Success. Standard.

And if that’s your desire, WONDERFUL! But is it?! Or do you want more?!
We can be influenced to choose our life path by generations of our family to be something, or do something we don’t really feel connected to, or want to do. But you might feel like you HAVE to do it because it’s what THEY would want. And it would make THEM happy.
I want to know what makes YOU happy.

What do YOU want to do? What do YOU want more of in your life?

For 16 years I have been in the same job, more or less. Each company and product has it’s unique nuances, but day to day, it’s the same. And while I do not take for granted my pay, benefits, and “security” of being employed, it has become clear that this isn’t what I want to be doing for the rest of my life.

Scratch that. It’s not how I want to be living for the rest of my life.

You can only live in contrast to what you’re really meant to be doing for so long before you feel the itches of your truth asking for your attention to scratch it.
Stay tuned for what I’m about to launch….it’s going to be life changing. And not only for me. 🙂

Seriously, Beauty. What is one thing you want more of in your life? Comment and tell me. One word. One thing. What is it?​

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