Perfection Myth

Hello Gorgeous Girl!

Are you among the many women who think being perfect is what it takes to get your man?

I can relate.
When I was younger, I thought that if I looked a certain way, I would attract any man I wanted.  Because I grew up a little chubby, my mind (and the media) told me I had to be thin to be attractive to men. And because everyone I saw or knew seemed to fit that image, I did my best to “fit in”.

I fell into every fad diet, did every Buns of Steel video, and worked my way into the crowds that seemed to attract the attention of men.

It was fun for a while, but over time I realized, attracting men had nothing to do with buns of steel.
Speaking of buns of steel, did you know before George {Clooney} met Amal, he was dating that blonde DWTS gal…Stacy Kiebler (thank you, Google:). Rumor has it every morning she woke up, jumped out of bed and right into the workout. Over time George couldn’t take it, her strive for perfectionism wasn’t attractive and he called it quits.
I can only imagine how many times Stacy turned down George’s invitations to stay in bed with him just a little longer…

you see, perfection isn’t attractive.

A man can’t feel you or know who you are when you’re striving to be someone or something else than you really are.
What makes a man drawn to you is your authenticity. Your confidence. Your radiance. Men LOVE women who are genuinely themselves.

So what lights you up? What makes you feel good? What connects you to your inner being, who IS perfect, just the way she is?

When you practice what makes you feel good, and get connected to your whole self, you carry that energy into a date, or within your relationship and your man feels it. He benefits from your self love and self practices, and it makes him feel good to be around you.
They say a man who feels good with his woman is a man who doesn’t leave.
And a man who feels like a King with you, will absolutely treat you like his Queen.
I have experienced trying to make something work by being someone I’m not, and I venture to guess you have, too. I’m willing to bet we’ve both had the same outcome.
When I discovered what I loved, yoga, dancing, meditating, chanting; I tapped into what made me feel good, and I could shine my light and let go of being perfect.  Because striving for perfection is a lifelong condition, I never let a day go by that I don’t practice what makes me feel good.
I now know how imperative it is that I take care of myself first, even in relationship.

When I connect to my body and my mind, and love myself first, just as I am, It fills me up and I can give to others with more ease and love.

And just in case you’re wondering, being ME has paid off.
The people in my life appreciate me blessing them with my authenticity, the man in my life respects my practices and loves that I take care of myself; His gift back to me is treating me like I’ve always desired and deserved to be treated, with love and respect.
With love, from ME to YOU!

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