Hello I’m Lena the dating and love coach. I help women stop the spin cycle of negative thoughts (“i’m not good enough” “what did I do/am I wrong?”) and helps them  feel worthy of true love so they can date confidently!

Through on-line courses, private coaching, group programs, yoga and mediation practices, I have helped my clients transform their lives, and attract more love.

I’m dedicated to, and passionate about my clients and their growth. By being incredibly grounded, I provide my clients a safe container to be vulnerable so they can tap into their own innate power, and feel worthy of love.

I specialize in teaching women how to become aware of their thoughts, and the impact those thoughts have on their relationships. By understanding where/how your patterns developed, I am  able to help you shift from negative thinking, to empowering you to live in full belief you are worthy of true love, allowing you to date with confidence!

I believe that when you change your thought patterns, your love life, and who you attract in, will change as well.

To find out more about how I can help you create freedom from your negative self talk so you can feel worthy of love, and date with confidence, Click here.

Lena has such great energy & the passion for allowing women (and men) to start loving themselves first before looking for romantic relationships. As someone who has a lot of personal development under my belt, she still has a way of helping me see the light, when my head is in the dark – which we all need. She has reminded me to trust, be patient & open to Mr. Right making his way into my life vs. coming from a place of scarcity & wanting it to happen. Many of us strong, independent women who want to take action need that reminder to tap into our feminine energy & allow it to happen & she does that!

Carli T  |  Accountability Coach

Lena’s coaching for me was excellent and so helpful. She got to the heart of some core issues within only a few minutes. I had no idea that we were going to uncover what we did. She skilfully led me there by holding space and asking key questions. The result was powerful revelations that helped me understand myself and my patterns, so that I can move beyond them to create something new and better. Lena showed up in true service to me during our coaching, and I’m very grateful!

Jessica C  |  Client

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